About us

Desert Peak Imaging

Desert Peak Medical Imaging is the most affordable option for MRI and CT scans in St. George, Utah.

Our mission is to simplify the complexity of healthcare by providing community members transparent, low-cost imaging options.

We provide MRI and CT services at fixed prices, without any hidden fees or headache.

No health insurance? No problem.

We  offer enormous discounts for cash-pay scans. This means that an MRI—which may cost upwards of $2,000—will be discounted to as low as $499.

Our scans include head/neck, spine, knee, shoulder, wrist, hand, elbow, ankle, hip, foot, pelvis, abdomen, sacroiliac joints, and more.

Patients sitting by an Open MRI machine.
Doctor standing near an Open MRI machine.

Traditional or high deductible health plan?

Pay the lowest price with Desert Peak! If we beat your copay or coinsurance, consider our cash-pay option.

Open MRI for Your Comfort.

Our open MRI system offers superior comfort and access for patients that are claustrophobic, elderly, suffering from painful injuries, or have difficulty with standard MRI enclosed tubes.

Open MRI machine