Day of Scan

How to prepare for an MRI

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to fil out paperwork. You will be asked to change into medical scrubs for your exam.
  • Remove all jewelry and any other metal items such as hair clips, jewelry, watches, hearing aids and dentures. Credit cards will be erased if brought into the MRI.
  • Bring a clean pair of socks (the MRI room can get chilly!).
  • Talk to your doctor if you suffer from claustrophobia - oftentimes they can prescribe medication to help you relax.
  • If you plan to take medication or a sedative, plan ahead of time by having someone either come with you or ask someone to pick you up once the procedure is complete.

What to expect on the day of the MRI

  • The imaging technologist will have you lie down on a padded table that slides into the open area of the MRI machine where the scanning will take place.
  • Your technologist will give you a call button to alert them if something is wrong.
  • One key to a successful MRI exam is to remain as relaxed as possible. Try to keep your body still and let your mind wander.
  • At certain times you’ll hear noises -- clinking, buzzing, tapping, and knocking -- caused by the changing magnetic fields. You’ll be given ear plugs or a sound canceling headset and can listen to music to help drown out some of the noise.