What is an Open MRI?

You have probably seen pictures of the typical MRI machine – a patient table that slides into a narrow and enclosed tube (bore). After entering the bore, patients must remain still, endure loud noises, and try their best to not let claustrophobia and anxiety get the best of them. This can be a daunting task for some, especially since roughly 13% of patients who have received an MRI reported having a panic attack.

So why is the bore so small?

The bores in Closed MRIs are surrounded by powerful magnets. The closer the magnets are to your body, the greater the effect the magnetic field will have on your body. This results in higher image quality. High field MRI machines with closed bores can provide very detailed images. However, for standard imaging like the head, spine, or knee, it can be excessive and an unpleasant experience.

Do I have another option?

Instead of being crammed into a small tube, there is another option! At Desert Peak Imaging, we offer an Open MRI system. Simply, this means that you do not have to enter an enclosed tube. The open system allows for plenty of space on all sides.

Our Philips Panorama Open MRI offers superior comfort and access for all patients. It is particularly great for children, elderly patients, heavier patients, those who are claustrophobic, and those suffering from painful injuries.

Our Open MRI allows our providers to conduct the scan while our patients lie comfortably on a padded table without having to enter an enclosed tube. Additionally, our MRI offers advanced high-field performance to increase image quality; it is comparable to that of a cylindrical 1.5T MRI. You can enjoy a comfortable and open system without having to compromise the quality of your images.

Philips Open MRI